Introduction to Model Airplane Building
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Introduction to Model Airplane Building

This series of articles will take you through a step by step guide on building the fuselage of Stick model airplane.

If you are building from a kit, then fabrication of parts is generally something you will not need to do. If building from a kit or from plans, then design and layout is taken care of as well.

We will be taking you through the assembly of a Das Ugly Stik. This particular plane is an excellent model aircraft, it is easy to accurately assembly, mainly because the bottom of the fuselage a straight line.

This fuselage will be constructed using a layout similar to the original Ugly Stik and as you follow along with assembly you will see the things that make this design so simple to build, as the fuselage is a basic box with a flat bottom that can be built easily on a board with no complex jigging necessary. The radio compartment is not any different than most sport aircraft designed from the late 60's to the present.

This model has a built-up stabilizer that is raised from the bottom of the fuselage. There is also a streamlined cowl which noticeably improves the flight qualities of the model.

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