Building a Straight Fuselage
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Building a Straight Fuselage

No matter how carefully you may select your wood and how carefully you measure, the two side of the fuselage will never be exactly the same. This is often even worse in Kit Models.

  • Even with all your jigging in place, you may notice that the fuselage side will not be square against the uprights. You could just go ahead and glue the uprights in place and add your decking, and the aircraft would probably fly fine. However the handling and flying characteristics would greatly be improved in the fuselage was a straight as possible, so lets take a look at how you could rectify this issue.
  • The solution to fix his problem is to brace the fuselage against the jig using whatever means works best for you. Possibly the best solution is to use reversible clamps at the top and reversible magnets at the bottom. This simply pushes the bottom of the fuselage into your jigging and pulls the top upright again the uprights.
  • You could even go a step further and use cross braces to strengthen the aft end of the fuselage as well as support the decking.

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