Buying Model Airplanes and Accessories Online
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Buying Model Airplanes and Accessories Online

When buying anything online you should also be aware of a couple of things on the site you intend to purchase any model airplanes and accessories from to ensure that you are always protected and that your hard earned money won't go to waste.

Pointers to remember when Buying online and things to look for ::

  • If the offer sounds unbelievable, then it probably is.
  • Make sure the Site is well designed, without errors, pictures which don't download etc.
  • Make sure the price advertised is the price on the order form at the end of your order process
  • Ask yourself if the site up to date, or is offering the same special form 4 months ago?
  • Is it easy to contact customer services
  • Can you read customer and visitor comments?
  • Does the web site have a proper Internet address, such as and not
  • Is there a clear privacy policy, possibly with certification?
  • Most important, does the store provide you with clear and definitate secure online shopping
  • And do they offer you any money back garuntees?

You may want to look out for the following images on the web site aswell, as they will provide security that your transaction is in fact secure, and that your credit card details will be safe:

Once you move into the section of making your online purchase and begin to fill in details, you may want to ensure that the page you are on is secure. There are two ways of doing this. A secure server should point to https://www..... instead of the usual http://www... Alternativly you can look for the SSL indicator on the bottom right of your Browser window, usually located just above the time on your task bar. You should also loo for images similar to above which usually hold all the information as to the security of the server and any garuntees, ensuring that your transaction is secure and protected.

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