Learn To Fly Radio Controlled Airplanes
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Learn To Fly Radio Controlled Airplanes

Flying model airplanes can be a challenging task, but with my help it will be easier. First is first, before flying anywhere, know your local byelaws on flying model airplanes . You also want to fly at a proper flying field, one that is for flying model airplanes. If you have a small electric airplane you can fly at a park or in your backyard. Go to the flying field locator and find a flying field near you.

I learned how to fly rc airplanes on my own. I started out with an electric airplane, got use to it, and moved on. I don’t recommend you try to learn by yourself, but sometimes people do better learning on their own.

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you start with an electric rc airplane or a gas powered trainer .

Tips on Flying Model Airplanes

  • Purchase 1 – 2 channel airplane if you are a beginner
  • Make sure no other people operating on the same radio frequency are flying model airplanes around you
  • Before you fly, make sure your airplane is properly trimmed and balanced
  • Test glide airplane before you fly it
  • If flying a electric airplane, make sure battery is fully charged. If flying a gas airplane, make sure tank is full
  • Fully extend antenna before flying model airplanes
  • Don’t fly near people or objects

Pre-flight checks

  • Check to see that wings are securely fastened
  • Rudder must move in correct direction
  • Make sure on and off works for engine

Flying Clubs Near You

Joining a flying club is a great idea if you are really enthusiastic about flying model airplanes. In a club you will learn much quicker, have good guidance, and usually will be able to get a flying instructor to help you. Below I have listed some flying club locators for the US and the UK. I hope they will help you find a great flying club to join and make your flying experience easier.

Flying Club Locator’s

Academy of Model Aeronautics (USA) – Great club locator and model aircraft resource site. This site has one of the largest flying club directories on the net.

BMFA (UK) - The BMFA is the body delegated by the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of flying model airplanes in Great Britain.

Taking Off & Landing

Making your model airplane take-off is not as hard as you think. There are two ways to get your airplane in the air, by hand launching it or from the ground. Some rc airplanes require you to hand launch them, others require a ground take-off. Then there are other airplanes that allow you to do both. Below I have listed the steps you need to follow for hand launching, taking off from the ground, and landing the plane safely.

Hand Launch Take-off

  • Hold model at face level
  • Point slightly downward into wind
  • Turn on engine
  • Gently launch like your throwing a dart

Ground Take-off - *If grass is too long, you will have to hand launch airplane.

  • Place airplane on ground in front of you, into wind
  • Turn engine on and let it move along the ground while directing it in a straight line using the rudder
  • After gaining speed, your airplane will then take-off

Landing - *If you mess up at anytime, just put engine back to full throttle and loop back around to try again.

  • Line airplane up far away in front of you while flying
  • Reduce power or shut off engine
  • Land into wind
  • Let airplane slowly glide down in a straight line on the ground

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