Building The Front End
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Building The Front End

When making your cut-out for your engine, it is probably easier to simply make the whole bigger than the engine than rather trying to make all sort of other adjustments to make a cut out which fits snugly and neatly around your engine.

  • Make the engine cut out so that you can easily get the engine in and out of the nose with the minimum of effort, leaving enough room to work around the engine without damaging any of the wood.
  • The engine mount bolts can be secured through the opening in the front of the nose.
  • The next step is to glue on the spinner ring. The engine has to be mounted before the ring can be glued on.
  • Apply glue to the ring and center it around the prop shaft, you can then slide the spinner backplate on the shaft to align the ring
  • Put the spinner backplate on with a propeller and tighten it all down to clamp the ring while it dries.

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