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Overview The U.S. Navy's Cold War-era primary trainer is now available as a .40-size semi-scale ARF T-34 Mentor from Hangar 9?. The Mentor has outstanding scale touches like an authentic Ultracote trim scheme, painted fiberglass cowl, realistic canopy, and instrument panel details. For those looking for maximum realism, there's even a retract option. In the air, the Mentor's sport scale aerodynamics make a wide variety of sport aerobatics possible.
For sport scale warbird thrills in an economical package, nothing can touch the new T-34 from Hangar 9. Features: Unique fixed landing gear can be upgraded with retracts (sold separately) in one evening Excellent sport aerobatic performance Covered in authentic Hangar 9 UltraCote High-quality prepainted fiberglass cowl Instrument panel detail High-quality Hangar 9 Pro-Lite wheels Requires Hangar 9 SkyPack for Completion!

Hangar 9 P-51 Miss America 60-Size ARF R/C Airplane w/Retracts - HAN 2775

She's one of the fastest, most beautiful and certainly most recognizable airplanes in the world. Since 1966, Miss America has traveled all over the United States, serving as a symbol of freedom and liberty while capturing such aeronautic honors as Reno Air Racing champion and National Unlimited Class champion. Now Hangar 9 presents one of the world's most famous aircraft as a .60-size scale ARF. The latest addition to Hangar 9's popular P-51D Mustang series is the P-51D Miss America 60 ARF, which comes complete with an authentic red, white and blue UltraCote trim scheme and preinstalled retractable landing gear. Miss America features performance levels to match its extraordinary appearance. It can rip and bank like any nimble .60-size sport plane, handling full-throttle loops, hard turns, low-level breaking passes and high-G maneuvers with assurance. And when the rubber hits the road, Hangar 9's improved retractable landing gear provides a stable landing, thanks to its stiffer struts that prevent wobble and a lock-in feature. Smooth contours, authentic Miss America markings and a gorgeous trim scheme just like that of the full-scale plane complete an exceptional scale appearance.

The Funtana can do it all: harriers, torque rolls, blenders, rolling circles and almost anything else you can dream up. It's all possible thanks to an extremely lightweight, all-wood airframe and big control surfaces that give the Funtana a very impressive thrust to weight ratio and crisp control authority at any airspeed. An attractive UltraCote trim scheme and factory-painted parts such as the cowl and wheel pants complement the performance perfectly. Features: Designed by F3A & Freestyle champion Sebastiano Silvestri Extreme sport and 3D performance Extremely lightweight wood construction Covered in exclusive Hangar 9 Ultracote Durable factory- painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants Top-quality Hangar 9 Pro-Lite wheels

Hangar 9's Cherokee ARF shatters this myth by saving you both time and money, while offering attractive, semi-scale looks to boot. The Hangar 9 economical Value Series Cherokee has a semi-symmetrical airfoil that gives it ample aerobatic capability, without sacrificing docile low speed handling characteristics. This makes it an excellent intermediate plane for those new to R/C flying, as well as being perfect for the experienced sport pilot who doesn't have a lot of time and money. The semi-scale looks are provided by colorful, pre-printed PVC covering with simulated panel lines and an attractive trim scheme. Molded wheel pants and an ABS cowl for housing a .40 or .46 two-stroke engine provide a sleek Cherokee profile. It even has a simulated interior that can be painted for an additional touch of realism. Pick up this great-looking, fun-flying Cherokee ARF from Hangar 9, and enjoy scale looks without the scale price. Requires the Hangar 9 SkyPack for completion

For more than 20 years, Ugly Sticks have been a perennial favorite among sport modelers. Their basic aerobatic abilities and stable flight characteristics make them a natural second or third plane for the intermediate pilot.The Next LevelHangar 9 has taken the Ugly Stick concept to the next level. The Super Sticks offer several advantages over previous designs, including more nimble aerobatic performance and a more modern appearance. The Super Sticks offer increased control authority, due to their larger control surfaces. At high speeds with full aileron deflection, the roll rate is almost too fast to count, while the large elevator gives tight 20 foot diameter loops inside or out. In addition, each aileron is driven by its own wing-mounted servo, which not only provides more precise and direct control, but opens up the pilot's options for flaperons or elevator-to-flap mixing.
The Super Sticks are 90% pre-built ARFs, with a bolt-on wing that gives better security and cleaner looks. For added flexibility, each Super Stick kit comes with all of the hardware necessary to build it as either a tail-dragger, or a tricycle landing gear plane. A universal aluminum engine mount is pre-installed on the firewall, and features a clamp-in design, so no drilling or tapping is required. The Super Stick is available in both a .40 and .60 size configuration.

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