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When deciding on which model airplane kit is best for you, there may be a number of options which you will need to decide on first. All of these will influence the kind of model you are going to be best suited for.

  • What is your flying experience?
  • What is your building experience?
  • What kind of budget do you have?
  • How good are you at repairing models that have crashed?

Model Airplane Kits by Category


Being a beginner can be tough. When starting out in this hobby you should buy an electric Ready To Fly airplane...
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Gas planes are much more complicated then electric planes, so I suggest that only more experienced fliers fly gas planes.
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Electric rc planes are powered by a battery pack, and requires less work then gas planes. Electric planes are also ideal for beginners because of their low cost, good construction and easy use.
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There are three types of jet airplanes. Turbine ducted fan jets, ducted fan jets, and pusher jets are the three different types of jets. If you are a beginner and want to fly a jet, you should go for a pusher jet because...
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There are two types of gliders, powered and non powered. Whatever your choice they are both fun and rewarding. Buying a glider for your first airplane experience is a good idea.
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Having your child fly a remote control toy is a great way for them to spend there extra time. A good hobby can provide your kid with good building skills.
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Model Airplanes by Category

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Model Airplane Articles

» Introduction to Building
» Laying out the Fuselage
» Building inner fuselage
» Preparing the formers
» Jigging and Dry Fitting
» Building it Straight
» Front End
» Installing onboard gear
» Learning to Fly

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