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Beginner Model Airplane Kits : A great way to learn to fly

Electric Airplanes

Being a beginner can be tough. When starting out you should buy an electric Ready To Fly airplane. They tend to be more durable, easy to control, can be flown by all beginners and is ready to fly. One of the best beginner electric planes is the Firebird Outlaw. This airplane is ready to fly right out of the box and there is nothing extra to buy.

Gas Airplanes

Gas airplanes are good if you are looking to be challenge in the beginning. The best beginner gas airplane is possibly the Nitro Alpha Trainer . The Ready to Fly Nitro Alpha Trainer has gentle beginner friendly flight characteristics and an ingenious evolution trainer power system

What You will Need

Like starting any new hobby, you will need to buy some accessories to help you get started. In most cases wgen buying a Ready to Fly Beginner Electric airplane kit you don’t need to buy anything extra. They come all set and ready.

A gas ready to fly airplane is a different, so you will need a few different accessories to get you started, ready to fly or not. Here is a list of what you will need, and is most cases all these accessories will be availiable from the store you purchase your kit.

  • Fuel Bottle Cap Fittings
  • Standard Fuel Tubing
  • Fuel Line Filter
  • Field Accessory Pack
  • After Run Oil
  • Nitro Airplane Fuel
  • Recoil Fuel Tubing
  • AA or AAA Batteries Required

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