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Electric Model Airplane Kits

Electric planes are powered by a battery pack, and requires less work then gas planes. Electric planes are ideal for beginners because of low cost, good construction, and easy use.

Getting Started

As mentioned above electric model airplanes are better suited to beginners. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any electric planes suited to advanced flyers either.

Ready to Fly Electric Planes

Most beginners need a reliable electric plane, and one that is ready to fly. There are many good beginner electric planes availiable on the market. We recommend the X-EC Diversion which uses uses space shuttle technology, which basically means that it has a microprocessor in it that helps you if you are having problems. Another great feature is the auto landing feature which may be ideal for beginners who haven't quite mastered landing yet.

For more experienced flyers then is always the Capitol Flyer, which is ready to fly within minutes of opening the box. This plane has a flying range of 300 feet, inexpensive, but still durable and of quality materials.

Almost Ready to Fly Electric RC Planes

If you are a beginner, and you are interested in an almost ready to fly plane, then the Mini Piper is a good bet. It assembles in just a few hours, and is extremely durable.It is also very stable and can be flow in either calm or windy conditions.

What You Will Need

When buying an almost ready to fly plane, make sure you also buy what is "not included" in the package, as it called “Almost Ready” for a reason. Ready To Fly airplanes have all you need to start flying, but just remember to check for “not included” anyway just to be sure.

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