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Glider Model Airplane Kits

There are two types of gliders and sailplanes; powered and non powered. Buying a glider for your first radio controlled airplane experience is a probabally good idea. Gliders are much slower and are easier to recover from a potential accident, as usually the transmitter on a glider operates on only 2 channels. Those two channels control the rudder and elevator, or the aileron and elevator.

Non-Powered Gliders

Flying a non-powered glider is fun and relaxing and laid back. Flying a non-powered glider is great for beginners in that they tend to be slower and easier to get use.

Almost Ready to Fly Non-Powered RC Glider

A good almost ready to fly glider would be a Thunder Tiger windstar MK2 . This rc glider has an increase in reaction time, and flies quiet and graceful.

Powered RC Glider

Powered gliders have a small electric motor with a folding propeller on it. To fly a powered glider you can hand launch the plane, or launch it in a different way. Then when it gets up to your desired height, you can just flick the motor off and it becomes a glider. If you start to drop, you just turn the motor back on and you’re off.

Ready To Fly Powered RC Glider

There are few powered RTF rc gliders to choose from on the market. The Spectra Select is probabally the best on the market at themoment. The wing is shaped to increase stability, and this glider is suitable for both beginner and experienced pilots.

Almost Ready to Fly Powered RC Glider

Buying an ARF powered glider can add a challenge to your flying experience, since you get to build most of it and you can get to make the decisions to improve it’s performance. The Thunder Tiger e-Hawk 2000 is a good buy in this range.

What You Need

As per usual when buying any model plane you should alwasy look for the "not Included" on the packaging.

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