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Jet Model Airplane Kits

Flying model jets is a complicated task. Since model jets are faster than both gas and electronic planes, beginners should get as much flying experience with eith the gas or electronic type of model before attempting to fly a jet. It is extremely easy to destroy your jet if you don't know what you are doing. There are three types of jet airplanes.

  • Turbine ducted fan jets
  • ducted fan jets
  • pusher jets

Pusher jets are the slowest and thus better suited to beginner flyers.

Turbine Ducted Fan Jets

Turbine ducted fan jets have a propulsion system in the back and have become very popular lately. Turbine Ducted fan jets are just like real jets and can reach extremely high speeds.

Ducted Fan Jets

Ducted fan jets consist of a high powered fan engine that operates in a duct. For the pilot who has been there, done that, and wants more, ducted fan jets offer a new frontier in performance and a renewed challenge to piloting skill.

Pusher Jets

The pusher jets have a propeller in the back that pushes the airplane through the air. They are usually hand launched and are much slower then ducted fan jets, and this makes them very good for beginners.

What You Need

The F16 Fighting Falcon comes with everything you need to fly, however most jet airplanes are not like the F-16. as with other Model airplanes be sure to check what parts and accessories are needed before buying your plane.

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